Similarities of the Signs: Opposites (Taurus and Scorpio)



  • Passionate
  • Loves deeply
  • Determined




  • Possessive
  • Stubborn
  • Suspicious




- Scorpio is mysterious and intensely private while Taurus is straightforward and rather transparent.

- Taurus is positive and tries their best to be optimistic whereas Scorpio tends to become negative and a bit cynical.

- Scorpio is sarcastic and sink into themselves when angry, Taurus will walk away from the source of their anger and say hurtful things.

- Scorpio has a complex and tumultuous mind and Taurus has a rather calm and simplistic mind.

-Taurus finds comfort in the physical world/beautiful or calming surroundings and Scorpio finds comfort in emotional bliss or spirituality.

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15 things that make me happy?

1. Pie

2. Buffy the Vampire Slayer

3. Hugs

4. Stormy days with lots of snuggles

5. When people come over and bring me desserts

6. Kittens

7. Not being sick (I’m sick and I’m not happy about it)

8. Pretty words

9. Being productive when the creative bug bites

10. Sitting alone in coffee shops

11. Sitting in silence with friends in coffee shops

12. Men with nice butts

13. People who actually care about people

14. Ukulele jamming

15. Friends

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